Four Things to Consider Before Taking That New Job

Picture this: You’ve been approached for a new job. You went on the interview and learned more about the organization. It seems like a great opportunity for you to take on more responsibilities and get the salary bump you’ve been hoping for.

Now, you are trying to figure out if this is the right time—and, most importantly, if it’s the right career move for you.

Here are four things to consider before taking that new job:

1. How will your day-to-day life change?

Every new role will change your daily life. The job may require you to relocate or change your daily commute. Perhaps you will manage people for the first time, or a larger team. It might be a new industry or department, which will demand a ramp up of your skills.

Consider if these changes will use your strengths and bring you joy.

2. How will this role create new learning for you?

New jobs should bring new opportunities to learn. Think through the skills you want to develop and practice, what experiences you want to have, and who will be teaching you.

How does this role create new learning and expose you to these opportunities?

3. Who will your new boss be?

Your new manager will be one of the most important aspects of your success and happiness in your new role. During the interview process, try to get a sense of her leadership style—her values, how she approaches decision-making, how she talks about learning and professional development, and what she expects from her team members.

4. Who do you want to become?

Think about who you want to become. Note that I didn’t ask you what you want to be. Too often, people focus predominantly on their title. I’ll acknowledge that, in some industries more than others, it may appear to go hand in hand with increased salary and responsibilities. However, if you focus on title more than anything else, you could end up with the answers to questions one, two, and three falling far short of what you’re looking for.

When you think about yourself in 5, 10, or 15 years, what does life look like for you? Does this job provide you with skills and experiences that will contribute to achieving your goals? Will you have the space you need to pursue what is important to you at work and in life?

When contemplating a major career change, consider how things would be different for you in a new role and how it aligns with what is important to you. Reflect on these questions and find the answer within yourself. (Picture me having coffee with you asking these questions, if it helps!)

If, during the interview process you realize that this isn’t the next job for you, that’s okay. You will be better prepared to know what you want when the right job comes along. If you feel, however, that the role offers new learning and aligns with your future career and personal goals, congratulations on this exciting next step in your journey.