Fundraising Is More Than Numbers

In fundraising, it is easy to get caught up in the numbers. After all, your success is literally measured by how much you raise.

You track what you have asked for, what you have closed, and how many people you have seen. When you get a  “yes”, you think you should have asked for more. After soliciting one big gift, you are already focused on the next one.

So, you just keep going without pausing to appreciate how you got there.

You forget how hard you worked to get that job, to get in that door, to get the yes. To get out of that trap, reflect on your process.

You are more than your outcomes.

How did you:

  • Connect a donor to something that was meaningful?
  • Listen for what was being said – and hear what was not being said?
  • Move a project forward?
  • Support a colleague who needed to someone to listen at that important moment?
  • Bravely suggest an idea to the group?
  • Serve others today?

The journey matters.

The learning matters.

Celebrate progress.