Reflections on the Fiscal Year

Yesterday was the last day of the fiscal year, which brings an opportunity to reflect. I raised in one year ($34 million) nearly more than I have cumulatively raised in my entire fundraising career - a goal I never dreamed possible when I entered this profession. This money will provide access to education, expand global research, change science and strengthen campus infrastructure. That same day I learned I was quoted in the CASE Currents Magazine on leadership in fundraising, a recognition of something that is even more important to me than any money I raise, how I teach and serve others.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to tell my younger self to be patient, to dream bigger and to trust that what you are building has purpose. Wouldn't change the journey, its duration or the learning that came with it. Always remember where you came from, learn with an open heart, celebrate your progress and appreciate the moment.

With gratitude.