Retention According to a Seven Year Old

At dinner with my family I mentioned that a friend accepted a new job and will be leaving her organization. My seven year old interjected and said he knows why people leave a job:

  1. They "made" (raised) a big gift and the place didn't pay them enough money to help their family
  2. They get bored of their projects and want to try something new
  3. Their boss forgot to give them a birthday present

My husband and I looked at each other a bit surprised. Was our seven year old really understanding something that many workplaces don't?

These concepts are the heart of retention -- compensate people appropriately; challenge them with projects and help them learn new things; and then listen to what is important to them and recognize their efforts.

Of course there are many more things we as managers and our organizations can and should do. But if even a seven year old knows how to think about this, our organizations should not delay in starting however and wherever we can.